Meet Judith Baxter

As I read so many books I thought a page dedicated to reviews of books was in order.  So this new blog came into being.  My other site for musing and making memories will still be active –

So here’s a little about me


I am a certified life coach, mentor, author and facilitator. Having watched my mother’s deterioration (from afar) I decided I would not follow in her footsteps.

And I am a voracious reader.  My books of choice are thrillers and mysteries usually, but sometimes I read something of another genre.  Probably can be described as having a catholic taste.

I am working on my values and am trying really hard to live up to those I have chosen – Gracious, Generous, Loving.  Following a bad accident last year I have been concentrating on being Gracious, particularly for all the help and love given and shown over the many months of rehab.

I live in Wellington, the capitol of New Zealand.  Following the untimely death of my late love, The Architect, I moved into an apartment in my daughter’s house so now I live alongside her and her two sons.  Two special teenagers who along with my other two grandsons, are growing into fine, upstanding young men.

And now, at 78 years of age, I am still active in business, in the community and with my family, particularly my four growing grandsons.

Contact me on I would love to hear from you.

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