Bad Turn

I was so excited to receive my ARC copy of Zoe Sharp’s latest book. Bad Turn is book 13 in the Charlie Fox series. Yes, thirteen!

At the end of the last book Charlie gave notice to her Boss Parker Armstrong and as a consequence has no job, nowhere to live and because of a non-competition clause in her contract with Armstrong Meyer, she can’t get another job in close protection in the US. So we find her house sitting in rural  New Jersey, bored with this dull life so different from what she is used to.

However, one day she drives into an ambush and immediately jumps into protective mode, not knowing who the ambushed victims are and as she is unarmed, risking her life.  Her firearms were returned to Armstrong when he gave her notice to vacate the apartment in which she was living

It happens that the ambush victim is Helena,  wife of a well-known arms dealer, Eric  Kincaid and because of the ambush, Charlie is offered the job of protecting the wife. She has no option but to agree. The owners of the house she is house-sitting are due back from Europe shortly and she has no other job opportunities on the horizon.

Enter Conrad Epps, a player in the CIA, NSA, DIA or something connected with Homeland Security. Epps it was, who had tracked Charlie to a nightclub where she worked security in the Meatpacking District in New York. Epps had a job more to her skill set and which she is unable to reject because he can have her deported if she does refuse.

So this is why she is now whiling away her days in rural New Jersey. The house owners return and Charlie takes up residence in the palatial house of the arms dealer.

And this is where we reconnect to the Kick-ass Charlie we know.  She has to use all her skills to protect her principal from several sources who try to get to her husband through her. Charlie outmanoeuvres them.  Epps has an inside person in the Kincaid organisation but doesn’t tell her who it is. and it wasn’t until the end that I realised who that person was. Well written Ms Sharp.

It is well known by my followers that I am a Charlie Fox fan and this book doesn’t disappoint. As always, the characters are well rounded and believable. The plot is fast and furious. Charlie puts herself in danger to protect Helena and at times Eric as well. Somehow they manage to come out at the end of the story unscathed.

I thoroughly recommend this book and as always, look forward to the next in the series.



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