I’ve just finished Lockstep the third novel in the Cal Rogan series, and it was every bit as good as the other two.

Cal Rogan is an ex-detective and recovering heroin addict. He has left the Vancouver Police Department and with his friend, another ex-detective who is now wheelchair-bound following an incident in their last case together has set up a PI company, Stammo and Rogan.

Rogan has entered into a contract with Rebecca Bradbury to find her eight-year-old daughter who has been missing for several days. Ellie, Rogan’s daughter attends the same school as Ariel, the missing girl.

Meantime, Stammo has agreed to help a friend, yet another ex-cop,  find his teenage son hasn’t been in contact for some time.

There is a third case that Rogan is working on that of a candidate who has received death threats.

Political blackmail, drug peddlers, paedophilia along with his desire for heroin, keep Rogan busy. But are the three cases connected? Both he and Stammo begin to think they are.

This is another riveting story. A hero who struggles with his demons, an ex-cop who struggles with his new wheelchair-bound life, personal problems, and police activity are all included. It is a stand-alone novel but better if read following the other two.

And the ending, really means you have to buy, beg, borrow or … so you can read the upcoming book, the next in the series. I’m really looking forward to it.

Note I was given a copy of the book to read by the author and I really enjoyed it and give it five stars.


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