Dangerous tide

This is book no 3 in the Dolphin Shore Shifters Series.

In this one, we are introduced to Libra Doc Lyra’s twin sister.  These two doctors are identical and most people don’t know there are two of them.

The sisters are concerned that a spate of violent behaviour occurrences by some second-time male shifters could be a male hormone imbalance.  There is scant physical evidence and the twins want to do some more in-depth probing to provide medical proof.For this, Doc Libra will need special, costly lab equipment.

When she makes her application to the Save Blue Water corporate department heads she is met with a resounding refusal.  Particularly against it is the newly appointed head of field ops, Rye Walker.

Libra is determined to gain the equipment needed.

One of the field ops is missing and feared hurt. He is on the trail of a whistleblower informing them that a leaking freighter was headed for Galveston.  Now Rye is off to find him No male shifter ever flies, they all drive because of a strong fear of being enclosed in a plane so far above the earth.   In this instance the drive from Santa Barbara to Texas is 26 hours; the non-stop flight is only 3 hours

Libra offers Rye a deal.  She can help him get over the fear of flying by giving him a variety of drugs administered before and during the flight, with the proviso that in return she’ll get all the equipment needed for the tests.  Rye counteracts with the proposal that Libra fly with him to Galveston, administering the drugs he will need to get over his fear and in return, he will agree to be her first guinea pig and also vote to get her the money required for her equipment.

Grus the missing field ops member identified the steamer and was taking photos when he was discovered and is now being held captive.  His last communication to SBW was abruptly cut off from a phone in a hotel.  Rye and Libra rush to the hotel but there is no sign of Grus.

As is usual in this series, there is hot, steamy sex between Libra and Rye, much interaction with the bad guys.  Rye’s gun is found in the missing ops car and has been used in a murder, making Rye to main suspect.  Eventually Grus is found beaten but not fatally wounded and after a short stay in hospital attended to by a friend of Libra, he is allowed to return to Santa Barbara in a specially adapted motor home.

This is another intriguing tale, with the added benefit of information on the damage being done to our environment by those companies and individuals seeking only to make themselves rich.


Disclaimer. I was given this book to read and chose to post a review





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