The Apple Orchard

This has been on my to be read list for some time.  I see from looking at my Amazon account I bought it in October 2015.  How time flies.

Now back to the book.

Apple Orchard

It’s a light-hearted read for a miserable afternoon.

We meet Tess Delaney who lives in San Francisco and restores lost treasures to their rightful owners.  In doing so, she meets Ms Annelise Winther an elderly Danish woman who is the rightful owner of an antique lavaliere (a necklace, pendant with one stone) Tess is intrigued with this woman who lives a very modest life accompanied by her two cats.  Tess has little time to spend with her but shares a cup of tea and lavender scones and advises her on the best way to sell the necklace, but is amazed when the old woman says she will not sell.

Note – there is a recipe for lavender scones.

While sharing the tea Tess’ attention is drawn to the sugar bowl that has been left in the pantry Tess sees it’s Tiffany and part of a set.  The old woman tells her it was picked up at a church rummage sale.  After discussing it’s probable value with her, the old woman decides to sell and Tess’ company has the right to offer the set at auction.

Next, we meet Dominic Rossi a banker, who wishes to be a winemaker, living in Archangel, California and who is the executor of the will of Magnus Johansen.  Dominic tells Tess that she is set to inherit half of Johansen’s estate in Sonoma County when the old guy dies.  Currently, Johansen is in a coma having fallen off a ladder in the orchard.  Tess thinks there is a mistake.  There have only ever been her Mother, and her and until recently her Grandmother, who died.  But there is no mistake.

Tess decides to travel to Archangel with Dominic and once there meets a half-sister of whom she knew nothing.

She is introduced to her Grandfather’s estate, a 100-acre apple orchard and its workers who all consider themselves family. She also learns that the bank is about to foreclose on the property and Tess and Isabel, her sister, with the help of Dominic, try to find a way out.

Isabel is a talented cook and her recipes are dotted throughout the book; a bonus.

Set against the background of Bella Vista, the apple orchard in Sonoma County, Tess begins to understand the value of family and friends, good food and a more leisurely way of living.

But to find out how it all works out to a happy ending, you’ll have to read the book for yourself.










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