Risky Tide

Risky Tide

This is book No2 in the Dolphin Shore Shifters series.  Did you read my review on  Blood Tide the first in the series?

This time the Dolphins who’ve morphed into human form are on a series of missions to free some captive dolphins and exchange them for others who have volunteered to spend the next three years in captivity, performing for crowds at various sea life parks.

Katherine is a newly arrived shore shifter who had an horrendous experience during the shift and is now beset by nightmares and panic attacks at quite the wrong time. Her first assignment with SBW (Save Blue Water) is with the exchange team.

The leader of the team, Peal is attracted to Katherine (now renamed Katie) and is aware that there is something wrong with her that could affect the whole team and its missions.  He tries, unsuccessfully at first, to find out what’s wrong.

After a couple of close shaves while on missions when Katie  has had a panic attack and consequently caused problems, Peal has to decide whether to report the actions, or lack of actions, which could result in her being called back to Santa Barbara and being tied to a desk for the three-year period of her shore shift.  He is seriously beginning to doubt whether she is an asset to his team.

He realises that Katie wants to succeed.  He admires her resourcefulness, and once he finds out from Katie the cause of the panic attacks and nightmares, he admires her courage.

Soon they find themselves strongly attracted to each other.  There is nothing to stop them having sex with each other; dolphins readily have sex with one another while not making long term relationships.  In fact, the idea of a long relationship is totally unheard of in a dolphin pod.

While the team is involved in these escape plans, they become aware of a virus which is killing off dolphins in a lagoon nearby. They determine the cause is illegal dumping of hazardous material and set out to gather enough samples to send to the lab and then to advise the authorities.

We are introduced to Brian,  scientist,  who is convinced he has the answer to a nagging problem.  He finds out that in fact, it’s not the answer and his experiments have now left him  with a number of vials of bio hazardous waste to get rid of.  But because his experiments were unsanctioned he can’t get rid of this I the usual way.  He links up with the driver who regularly removes the waste materials for Brian’s company and offers him money to dispose of the vials.  Their plan  to add them to another company’s waste falls down and Reese, the driver decides to get rid of them by dumping them into the lagoon.  But another problem arises when Brian realises that he hasn’t removed the label showing both the company’s name and his.

And these are not the only people involved in dumping waste in the lagoon.  Employees of a waste company are seen also dumping there.

And all along there is another plot working out. Sorenson an ex-FBI agent has been employed to seek out and kill one of SBW’s men and then once he has succeeded in doing so, he is to kill Peal.  Who is his employer we know only as Nick.

Add Peal and Katie falling in love which is unheard of in dolphin’s language and lifestyle – they have to find a way to deal with this;  wild and quite explicit sex scenes, drama, murder and confusion at the way some members of the shifters are acting, and we have another book to hold us captive for a few days.

Thank you . CJ Matthew for letting me read this book.





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