Live From Cairo

Another book to review from NetGalley from another author who is new to me.

The story is set in Cairo in 2011 following the departure of Mubarak. So…


Four lives are completely changed by the end of the book.  Plotting and planning have some disastrous results and don’t necessarily reach the desired conclusion.

We’re introduced to Charlie, an American lawyer working in Cairo and acting on behalf of refugees seeking to escape to a new life in a new country.  We meet Aos his friend and colleague.  Aos is an Egyptian translator and apart from his adopted dog Ruby, Aos is Charlie’s only friend.

Into this mix comes Hana, newly arrived from the US to work at UNHCR – the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.  Her job is to accept or reject applications for resettlement.  Hana is initially overwhelmed by the number of applicants and her role in determining their future.

And Dalia an Iraqi refugee and one of those seeking to leave Egypt to join her husband in Boston.  When her petition is rejected she finds herself trapped in Cairo.

This is a book full of detail, of humans meeting inhuman systems, told by a gifted writer who takes us to this other time and other place.  To say I couldn’t put it down would be wrong.  I found myself putting it down again and again while I thought of how people live following a revolution and the results of this on their lives.

I would strongly recommend this book and thank the publishers for making it available to me prior to its publication in July this year. I  am under no obligation to do so but choose to review the book


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