Panic Button


Charlie Gallagher is an author new to me so I had no idea what to expect when I downloaded this book from

The Emergency Button or Panic Button we are told by the author is “located on the top of the handheld unit.  It is coloured a bright red and is raised to allow easy and fast access when required. ”

Apparently, this button is seldom used but in this book, we are immediately drawn into a situation where not one but four police officers press the panic buttons.  This immediately sets off action and panic and concern among the police officers in Langthorne Station.  And then they find the prime suspect is one of their own.  A disgraced officer who’s currently on suspension, but is he the killer or is it someone out for revenge?  This is quite an involved story but giving any more details risk spoiling the book for other readers.

This book gripped me at the outset but then half way through I began to lose interest and found myself skipping a few pages.

I found George Elms and Samantha Robbins to be totally believable and I warmed to them both.  Knowing of police officers and those with whom they come into contact only through what I read in newspapers I felt sure that such a story could happen in real life.

The story is well written and well researched and shows an understanding of police work obviously garnered in the author’s day job as a front-line police detective.  I have given this book 4 stars as perhaps it merits another read at another time.

the book was downloaded from NetGalley and I’m under no obligation to write a review, but I choose to do so.


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