Rejection Slips

And now for  something a little (or a lot) different

The Rejected Wrier’s Bookclub
A charming, funny and delightful book.

Suzanne Kelman introduces us to Janet a retired librarian and her husband Martin who have moved to the village of Southlea Bay. They find life here so very different to their old lives living in town and begin to find their way around this new life, having to deal with rampaging (?) racoons, “a plague of termites,  a swarm of hornets, a gang of carpenter ants and an attack of crazed moths” as well as rats in the basement and mice in the pantry.  As Janet says “We have found taking care of the ‘country’ is practically a full-time job.”

Janet is quickly selected by Doris Newberry the village self-professed leader and know-it-all to join several projects but most strangely, the Rejected Writers’ Bookclub. This is a group of women who meet regularly for tea and cakes and to celebrate the number of rejections they have accumulated between them. The goal is 500 but things are brought to an abrupt halt when one of them receives an acceptance letter  Led by Doris, the group decides to confront the writer of the acceptance letter and have the acceptance rescinded.

Their travel to San Francisco is a joy to read – a series of mishaps result in the ladies having to face a landslide, a haunted house, a homeless man seeking shelter and food and even a handsome young stranger who becomes attracted to one of the group.

I really enjoyed this book and felt at the end of it as if I had made a whole new group of friends. I recommend it for those times when you’ve had enough of murder, thrills, lies, subterfuge, hot sex and romantic liaisons and want to go back to a more innocent time.


 And if I didn’t already believe in synchronicity I read this today from Chris White at

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