Blood Defense

Are you old enough to remember the O J Simpson trial?  Marcia Clark was one of the prosecutors at the trial so she is well versed in the way courtrooms, judges and lawyers act Since then she has gone on to write several novels and Blood Defense is the first in a new series.

So, Samantha Brickman is a young lawyer working hard to make ends meet in her fledgeling law practice.  She just needs a good, high profile case and then all her worries will be over – or will they?

Unexpectedly, she lands the case of the century.  Two young women are brutally murdered and there is only one possible suspect, her client.  She doesn’t know if she wants this man as a client particularly as he gives her confusing answers and seems hell bent on upsetting her and her defence.

The story has everything guaranteed to keep you reading; a young television star, her roommate and best friend both horrendously murdered, a well-respected LAPD homicide detective the suspect, a secret held for years is a twist in the tale that shocks Samantha making her even  more suspicious that her client is, in fact, playing her.  And when another woman with whom he had a connection is found murdered she is ready to get off the case.

There are adventures aplenty; Samantha’s office is bombed, her apartment ransacked and the story just keeps getting better.

And the real culprit to these murders?  Well if I tell you that it will spoil the book for you.  But believe me, when I say”I didn’t see that coming”.

So a good book to read when you have done all your chores for the day.  The Kindle edition was free on Amazon when I got.  Maybe it still is.



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